Crystal Music

crystal.jpg (8467 bytes)The shui-jing-qin produces unusually clear sounds that are influenced by the energy released from natural crystal.  This music is light and gentle, refreshing and relaxing.   Shui-jing-qin is made out of raw crystal.  With 25 crystal bars, rectangular in shape, the bars resemble the keys on a keyboard ranging from e to e" and are mounted on a resonant box.

Sparkling Eyes                                    TCD-6055

We present to you facet of crystals with instrument, flute, and vocals.  Let go your worldly burden, liberate your mind, and feel the magic of crystals.


Flickering Light                                  TCD-6056

Tough Simple, the tinkling jingles of crystal can stir our inner feelings and lead us to our deeper selves.

Floating Spirits                                  TCD-6051

This is another collection of the light and gentle, refreshing and relaxing shui-jing-qin music.

Glistening Dew                                  TCD-6052

The materials of this album are mainly drawn from San-skrit music.  It teaches the wisdom of interaction between man and the nature.