Art Stationary

brushstand3.jpg (11910 bytes)Pallettes:  For mixing your colours, we have both Western and Chinese Pallettesbrushstand2.jpg (15447 bytes)


Brush Stands:  These stands allow you to dry your Chinese Brushes vertically.  Maintaining the point of the brushes.


brushwrape.jpg (16230 bytes)Brush Wrappers:  These wrappers are used for protecting the hairs of the brushes.




Price List

Code Item Size Unit Price
STA001 Brush Wrapper 33*35 $8.80
STA002 Brush Wrapper 30*29 $6.00
STA003 Brush Stand(Round)   $49.95
STA004 Brush Stand(Round)   $88.00
STA005 Brush Stand(Square)      Ceramic    
STA006 Brush Stand(square)    Wood   $108.00
STA007 Brush rest      Wood   $12.95