Culture Books 


What's In A Chinese Character
Illustrated the origin & development of 369 Chinese characters and explained each of them the History background, Stroke orders, Pronounce in PinYin, Vocabulary related to each characters and Ancient Calligraphy writing

$ 38.95



The Pocket Interpreter Chinese
It is a very handy book to carry to travel or learning Chinese. This book includes Pronunciation ( Pin Yin ), Picture Signs targeted those travel needs and 10 different situations' conversations with Pin Yin, English translations and Chinese Characters, Plus an English - Chinese dictionary at the end to assist your Chinese vocabulary. 

$ 18.95

The Origin of Chinese Deities    
This book includes 29 well known & revered gods and immortals who influenced the lives of Chinese people for twenty centuries. Such as Guan Yi goddess of mercy, Zhong Kui, the god in vanquishing ghosts & demons, Kitchen God, Eight immortals etc.

$ 24.95

Peking Opera Painted Faces

With knowledge on 200 faces, Full Colour

$ 59.95

The Book Of Kimono

The Complete Guide to Style & Wear

$ 55.95

Chinese Kites
History, Different Styles, 230 designs & Few simple making projects

$ 28.95

The Art Of Chinese Papercuts
Style, Origins, History, 200 patterns & simple projects

$ 32.95

Wit and Humour From Old Cathay

$ 12.80

A Cultural Tour Across China

$ 32.95

The Bridal Boat

Marriage customs of China's fifty five ethnic minorities

$ 24.80

Chinese Tea Culture 
Germany Edition

$ 24.95

Traditional Chinese Cultures Pamphlets 
(Set of 9)