Feng Shui Books

365 Steps Towards Harmony Feng Shui
      $ 24.95

This book provides practical tips to help you apply the rules of Feng Shui in you home, at work and in your garden. It is one of easies book to learn about Feng Shui knowledge.



Feng Shui For fast property profit       $ 52.95

This book provides real-life case studies, first hand knowledge from one of Australia's Leading property developers Cathy Jayne, and how to boost your home's value and enhance your living space.

Feng Shui For Australia
       $ 18.95

This book demonstrates clearly and simply how this ancient Chinese philosophy is relevant to our modern Australian culture, and also teaches people how to live in harmony with the natural environment and its energies.  


Feng Shui For The Southern Hemisphere
   $ 32.95

It is a book to teach you about basic Feng Shui Knowledge and principles with clear illustrations and practical examples. It also precisely explains how the Feng Shui principles works in southern hemisphere.


The Five Keys Of Feng Shui       $ 21.95

This book guides you through the five elements that make up the universe & enables you to identify yourself with each one whilst discovering how they affect your relationships, career and personality.


The Secret Language of Your Face      $ 32.95

The art of face reading has been practised in China for thousands years. Now, with the help of this step by step guide, anyone can learn how to interpret different facial characteristics & acquire an instant knowledge of a person's character, feelings, etc. This book also includes 180 illustrations showing you all the facial features, with the meaning of each type explained.