Zen Poems          
Illustrated by Andr´┐Ż Sollier

$ 19.95



Singing of Scented Grass ( Bilingual )
Verses from the Chinese translated by Ian Johnston
Illustrations by Melba Nielson, Susan Collis & Keith Smith
"In our lives so many grievous things come to wound the heart.
Where but Emptiness Gate shall we find release?"

$ 26.95

The Book of Songs

The earliest collection of poems in China

$ 21.95


Tang Dynasty Poems
about 1,400 years ago

$ 21.95



Song Proses
about 1,000 years ago

$ 21.95



DU FU Selected Poems
one of the most famous Tang Dynasty Poet

$ 21.95



Mao Ze Dong Poems
not only a great strategist
but also a great poet

$ 12.95