Chinese Colour and Ink

colourchips.jpg (13236 bytes)Colour Chips: These chips are the traditional Chinese way of using colour.  They are made of natural plant and mineral pigments and are used in the same way that western dried watercolour chips are used by simply adding a few drops of water.

colour.jpg (11476 bytes)Tube Colour: These watercolours are made using the same pigments as the Colour Chips.  They are preferred by students because of the convenience, however the strength of their colour is not of the same quality as the Colour Chips.

ink1.jpg (21693 bytes)colourinkstick.jpg (8835 bytes)Ink Sticks: These sticks are made of Oil Soot or pine soot.  The sticks are used by grinding them against an ink stone with a small amount of water until the right consistency is reached.   Colours are also available in the Ink Stick range.

bottleink.jpg (8147 bytes)Bottled Ink: This Ink is essentially the same as the sticks.  The bottled Chinese inks are a pure black and tend not to blue when diluting.  We also stock a Gold which when applied resembles gold leaf.

inkstone.jpg (4269 bytes)Ink Stone (Slab): These stones are made of a hard smooth stone, for grinding ink sticks.

Bottled Ink Price List

Code Item Size Unit Price
IC001 Yi De Ge ( Liquid Ink ) 100ml $6.50
IC002 Yi De Ge ( Liquid Ink ) 250ml $10.50
IC003 Cao Su Gong ( Liquid Ink) 100ml $5.50
IC004 Cao Su Gong ( Liquid Ink ) 250ml $9.50

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Ink Stick Price List

Code Item Size Unit Price
IC005 Longevity ( Oil Suit Ink Stick ) 2 OZ $9.80
IC006 Pine Tree ( Mat Ink St) 2 OZ $9.80
IC007 Colour Ink Stick    2 oz each 5/Box $49.95

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Tube Colour Price List

Code Item Size Unit Price
IC013 Chinese Painting Colour 12/Box $9.80
IC014 Individual Colour avaliable Tube $1.10 ea

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Colour Chips Price List

Code Item Size Unit Price
IC032 Pigment - Gamboge 3g/Box $6.80
IC033 Vermilion 3g/Box $6.80
IC034 Cinnabar Powder 3g/Box $9.80
IC035 Rouge 3g/Box $6.80
IC036 Carmine 3g/Box $6.80
IC037 Burnt Sienna 3g/Box $6.80
IC038 Indgo 3g/Box $12.80
IC039 Sky Blue 3g/Box $4.85
IC040 Red 3g/Box $4.85
IC041 White Lead Powder 3g/Box $5.80

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