Chinese Games


Tien is a stunning 3D Action and
Adventure game that will challenge the most skilled players. It is an epic quest to defeat the demons of the Underworld, and restore peace to the clans of the East.   $ 69.00

Complete with stunning graphics of Buddhist temples, Dungeons and Mountain places, Tien combines non-stop action, and brilliantly simulated graphics. Contains a CD manual and a Game CD


CG0011   Plastic Tiles                                             $68.00
CG0012   Plastic Tiles ( with English on the corner ) $ 128.00
CG0013   Bone with
Bamboo Tiles                          $158.00

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Chinese Chess   Wood

CG0021     Small      $ 12.95
CG0022     Medium  $ 16.95
CG0023     Large      $ 18.95

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Chinese Go Game

CG0031 Glass(matt)             $ 48.00
CG0032 YunNan Marble (matt)    $ 128.00

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