Classical Traditional Music

CHEN Jie-bing / Erhu                 SMCD-1001
Spirit on Two Strings Vol. 1 (Traditional)
"erhu, the solo instrument sounds like a symphony!... Chen has been called 'the Itzhak Perlaman of the Far East'  ... If you have never savored the exotic piquancy of Chinese music before, this is a great appetizer!"Sample
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CHEN Jie-bing / Erhu                SMCD-1002
Spirit on Two Strings Vol. 2 (Contemporary)
This collection of music displays not only the rare timbre of each individual huqin, but also the distinctive style of folk tunes from different areas of China
Masterpieces of Chinese Traditional Music              SMCD-1005
"...Full of classic elegance and grace, each of seven treasured composition lays lightly and melodically on the ears; unique tonal scale phrasing on ethnic zither, cello, bass and percussion ensures that each note flows delicately and smoothly yet with strong passion... so close your eyes and let your imagination roam.  The music's tantalizing characteristics never fail to inspire."
Guangling Melody                      SMCD-1006
"Rich tonal characteristics, harmonics, and the pitch-bending capabilities of the guqin lend themselves well to the wide range of expression inherent in the music  Sample
Dialogue Between Fisherman and Woodcuter          SMCD-1008
Featuring the most distinctive Chinese classical tunes, the dialogue between the guqin and xiao highlights the spirit of ultimate harmony.
Chinese Erhu, The Art of Chen Jie-Bing                  TCD-1010
This Album is another Chen's erhu concerto collection centering on Chinese traditional music.