Chinese Gong-fu Practicing Music

Tai Chi Images                     TCD-3171

Inspired by the wisdom of Tai Chi, this album brings you the spontaneous joy of the Chinese exercise-regime and Taoist meditation. Various composers composed melodies after they truly experienced Tai Chi Dao-yin`s motions stillness and chi`s flowing. Chinese instruments such as flute guzheng pipa will bring you nature`s `Reiki` (chi) that nourishes and integrates your body mind and soul.

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Tai Chi (Chuan) Melody                     TCD-3101

A special collection helps the Tai Chi practitioner concentrate his mind and make his motions coordinate with his breath.  The music tone is composed in accordance with the series of motions in Tai Chi chuan.  Following the rhythm of the music, one is able to relieve stress and benefit health when he practices Tai Chi chuan. Play time 51'39"         Sample

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Tranquillity                          TCD-3135

Influenced by the theory of Tai Chi and Taoist thought, the composer tries to represent the sounds of nature in this album.  The music shows seven harmonious cadences of sounds, which resemble the union of the interacting Yin and Yang.  It creates a tranquillising atmosphere and helps the listeners to relax and regain vitality.

Return to Simplicity             TCD-3136

The composer WANG Jian-ming of this collection was inspired by the theories of the Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, as well as the thoughts of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.  This album is designed to be a gentle brain massage to make the listeners mentally and physically relaxed as if they were returning to a world of simplicity.

Chinese Xianggong                            TCD-3133

Xianggong is one of the excellent kind of qigong in Buddhism.  Combing the Buddhist theory to treat the mind with the medical theory to treat the body.  The music is designed to achieve the final goal of Xianggong with satisfactory combination of body, mind and soul.

play time 61'27"

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Qigong Massage Music                    TCD-3134

Qigong massage is a convenient, effective, simple and cheap way to keep fit, cure disease, improve looks and prolong life.  The beautiful music suitable for massage can enable a patient to get rid of distractions and help to coordinate a massager and the patient to achieve the best effect.

play time 57'31"

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