Gongs and Drums for Celebration

Gong and Drums for Celebrations (Percussion I)                                 TCD-1013
The sound of gongs and drums heralds the arrival of festivals and celebrations.   The album features famous festival melodies across various regions of China, ranging from the wild, passionate tunes of northern China to combine to the delicate, refined styles of southern regions.                   play time 47'06"
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Gong and Drums for Celebrations (Percussion II)                             TCD-1014
In this second album of Gongs and Drums Celebration, we especially adopt the two-track synchronous recording techniques to enhance the sound effect, so that you shall find yourself able to enjoy more fun in the vital Chinese music for celebration.             play time 49'49"
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A Happy Chinese New Year     TCD-5202

The percussion instruments have thousands of years of history in China and have been playing important parts in Chinese music.  The performance by Peking Percussion Group has revitalized this legend of Chinese art of percussion by combining them with western ones.  Listen to the album and experience the joy and excitement of A Happy Chinese New Year!                         play time 44'37"

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