Guzheng Performance

guzheng.jpg (6331 bytes)This is a feast of guzheng music, which invites you to enjoy folk music, traditional Chinese nanguan music, and Taiwanese opera music.  The new adaptions of these works are composed to preserve local musical heritage and to bring a new life to the traditional culture.  The use of classical and modern musical language provide a new perspective on these musical treasures.

Gentle Breeze                    TCD-2053

Gentle Breeze is as soft as water.  Tranquilizeing, simple, and elegant sound of guzheng paints well the world deep indide us: the softness and free spirit of life.

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Nostalgia                           TCD-2056

Folk songs are the rhythm of life.  They are filled with historical meaning and coloured with man's daily life.  Taiwanese folk songs are presented in a gentle spirit, which are quite different from their original taste.


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Pictures of Taiwanese Opera   TCD-2057

Taiwanese opera have been selected.  under the melodious denotation of Chinese stringed instruments, the Taiwanese opera is re-created with a tender spirit.

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