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Chinese Health Music is based on Five Tones musical modes. These five modes are Kung, Shang, Cheuh, Jyy, and Yu. They represent Five Elements Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire, Water. The theory of the Five Elements is the arrangement of all aspects of the phenomenological world into categories of Fir, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal energies. During the Han Dynasty (202B.C. - 200A.D.), its principles became inseparably intertwined with the Yin Yang theory of Changes, also known as the Yi Ching (I-Ching).  According to the Book of Changes Cycle of Elemental Music, Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire and Water correspond with spleen, lung, liver, heart and kidney organ networks respectively.  These body organ networks also correspond with certain musical modes (see the chart) of ancient Chinese music, through the use of rhythm, texture, intensity and instrumentation, assist in bringing about balance and greater organ networks efficiency.

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