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Tea Travel                                   TCD-4012

The music lead into an abundant image of mountains and rivers, the moisture of rain and dew, and the cultural temper.Instrument used include flute, panhu, guzheng, lute, sheng, alto juan, and alto sona.       
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Plum Blossom                          TCD-4503
The plum blossom, characterized by her unyielding spirit and fortitude, is crowned the national flower of China.  In this album, the upright spirit of the blossom is transformed into the music of sheer texture.  The interwove sounds of nature and various Chinese instruments depict the crystal beauty of the plum blossom, blooming under the winter moon, by a solitary stream.           
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Dragon                                            ECD-3137

Dragon represents "the god of the east, " associated with the element of wood and with "chueh" of the five Chinese tones.  The music, based on the old music of opulent eastern China, releases the nourishing energy of wood.
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Tiger                                              ECD-3138

Tiger represents "the god of the west," associated with the element of metal and with "shang" of the five Chinese tones.  The music if forceful and energizing, full of productive energy which keeps away evil spirits, alters ill fortunes, and brings good luck to your household.
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Sleeping                                 TCD-3121

Music for Efficient Sleep (****) sounds unwieldy, but the soothing tones of the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra Produce results, After listening to this disc, I had the most intense dreams I've had in over a year..."
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CHEN Jie-bing / Erhu                 SMCD-1001
Spirit on Two Strings Vol. 1 (Traditional)
"erhu, the solo instrument sounds like a symphony!... Chen has been called 'the Itzhak Perlaman of the Far East'  ... If you have never savored the exotic piquancy of Chinese music before, this is a great appetizer!"
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Guangling Melody                      SMCD-1006
"Rich tonal characteristics, harmonics, and the pitch-bending capabilities of the guqin lend themselves well to the wide range of expression inherent in the music 
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Tai Chi (Chuan) Melody                     TCD-3101

A special collection helps the Tai Chi practitioner concentrate his mind and make his motions coordinate with his breath.  The music tone is composed in accordance with the series of motions in Tai Chi chuan.  Following the rhythm of the music, one is able to relieve stress and benefit health when he practices Tai Chi chuan. Play time 51'39"         Sample                         More >>

Return to Simplicity             TCD-3136

The composer WANG Jian-ming of this collection was inspired by the theories of the Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, as well as the thoughts of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.  This album is designed to be a gentle brain massage to make the listeners mentally and physically relaxed as if they were returning to a world of simplicity.
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Music for Beauty -- Day              ECD-3142

A brief shower in the morning may give you a refreshed body and mind to start the new day, but some lively music will be a lot more rewarding.  The music in this album has been composed to help you face every new morning and prepare for a challenging and fulfilling day.  It can make you feel a more healthy and confident person.               Sample                           More >>

Sparkling Eyes                                    TCD-6055

We present to you facet of crystals with instrument, flute, and vocals.  Let go your worldly burden, liberate your mind, and feel the magic of crystals.

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