Tea and Flower Music

In these collections, music is used to convey the diverse characteristics of tea and flowers to listeners.

Tea Music

Drunk In Tea                               TCD5237

This is an album all about Tea, wandering and nostalgia with multi-cultural elements such as Tibetan rhyme, Shanghai, and Yunnan folk music.

Tea Drop                                    TCD-4019

Come, have a cup of tea. Contemplate the tea's emerald green, drink the beautiful scenes and feel the rhythm of the Chinese flute accompanied with other Chinese instruments such as dulcimer, pipa, erhu.

An Invitation to Tea                   TCD-4018

This album through the music to tell a century-old story. A poor boy serve tea for exchanging a land lease. Every note tells of an embedded affection.

Cha Tao: The Way of  Tea        TCD-4017

The Chinese tradition concerning tea may be introduced by these two words: Cha Tao, the way of appreciating tea.  It aims to encourage people to return to nature.   It is a pursuit of all that is pure and simple.  The music in this collection possesses such simple and peaceful qualities.

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Chinese Tea Ballads                    TCD-4016

Celebrating the beauty of nature, the simple field songs of the tea pickers.

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Tea & Pot                                    TCD-4015

Tea & Pot introduces 8 kinds of  famous Chinese teapots through music played by the Chinese instrument.

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Oolong Tea                                 TCD-4014

The music in this collection is based on the characteristics of eight kinds of Oolong.

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Tea with Flower Fragrance        TCD-4013
Flower tea incorporates tea with flowers: tea invites fragrance of flowers, and flowers augment the flavour of tea.  In this album, the music is composed to depict the different features of tea as well as the sound of nature, such as flowing of streams, chirps of insects and birds, and beating of waves for listener to enjoy the world blended with flowers and tea as well as the sound of nature.
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Tea Travel                                   TCD-4012

The music lead into an abundant image of mountains and rivers, the moisture of rain and dew, and the cultural temper.
Instrument used include flute, panhu, guzheng, lute, sheng, alto juan, and alto sona.       Sample

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Tea                                               TCD-4011

Drinking tea is a form of art in Chinese Culture.  While listening to the music, you can make a mental travel to the tea plantation, as if you had enjoyed the unique flavour of each kind of tea.

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Flower Music

Waves of Pine                         TCD-4509

Traditional instrument such as ancient guqin, liuqin, Chinese flute and xuan, Inspired by the enchanting lines and waves of Pines, interweave and bring to you a new vogue of Eastern naturalistic joy. When you listen to these waves of pines, what surge within you are peace, blessed feeling and relaxing intoxication

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Bamboo Dreams                      TCD-4507
Most of Chinese instruments are made of bamboo.  The music in this collection is intimately associated with bamboo and played on a variety of bamboo made musical instruments.  Treat yourself to the Bamboo Dreams and experience its exotic Oriental romance!
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Flower Goddess II                    TCD-4506

The music of this album features the six well-loved flowers as well as flower gods and goddesses in the latter lunar year (from the 7th lunar month to the 12th lunar month).   All the music are specially composed and delicately performed for each of these beautiful creatures.

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Flower Goddess I                   TCD-4505
In China, it is said that each and every month in the lunar calendar has a representative flower which blooms in that specific month, and a beautiful lady or talented poet is revered as an associated flower deity.  The music of this album describes the beauty and unique quality of the first six (from the 1st lunar month to the 6th lunar month) well-loved flower as well as flower gods and goddesses.  These soft and easy-to-listen tunes all feature traditional Chinese instruments.
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Chrysanthemum                     TCD-4504
Fall-blooming chrysanthemums are compared to the soul of autumn in Chinese poetry.  The music of the album aims at presenting the graceful poise of the flower and the fine autumn scenery of the countryside.  Common traditional Chinese instruments are used to sing the beauty of six kinds of chrysanthemums.           
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Plum Blossom                          TCD-4503
The plum blossom, characterized by her unyielding spirit and fortitude, is crowned the national flower of China.  In this album, the upright spirit of the blossom is transformed into the music of sheer texture.  The interwove sounds of nature and various Chinese instruments depict the crystal beauty of the plum blossom, blooming under the winter moon, by a solitary stream.            Sample
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Waterlily                                   TCD-4502
Based on the Chinese literature, the waterlily was compared to a man of noble character.   To capture its spirit, the composer of this album, SHI Zhi-you, fully delineates the unconquerable beauties of various waterlilies with Chinese musical instruments.   Sounds of birds, insects, and water are also employed in the composition to add a feeling of genuine and natural beauty.
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Orchid                                      TCD-4501

Music in this collection conveys the characteristics of orchids to listeners.    Musical instruments, paixiao, guzheng, erhu, and pipa the lofty realm of truth, goodness, and beauty that orchids represent.

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