Culture Books In English

Code Description


BKC001 The Origin of Chinese Deities $21.80
BKC002 Chinese Fables $10.95
BKC003 Folk Customs at Traditional Chinese Festivities $9.80
BKC004 A Culture Tour Across China $29.80
BKC005 The Bridal Boat $22.80
BKC006 Modern China (a Topical History) $24.95
BKC007 Chinese Kites(Picture Book) $19.95
BKC008 Peking Opera Painted Faces(with notes on 200 operas) $58.80
BKC009 China's Folk Toys (Pictures) $58.00
BKC010 Early Man in China(pictures) $9.80
BKC011 Hou Yi Shoots the Suns(pictures) $16.80
BKC012 Shen Nong's Miracle Herbs(pictures) $16.80
BKC013 Potting the eyes on a Painted Dragon(pictures) $22.95
BKC014 Zheng Ban Qiao Tries a Rock(pictures) $16.95
BKC015 Coloured Stones(pictures) $14.95
BKC016 Five Little "Arhats"(pictures) $10.80
BKC017 The Golden Touch(pictures) $12.80
BKC018 Animals of Ancient China(pictures) $14.95
BKC019 Three-Chinese Character Poem $8.80
BKC020 The Way of the Virtuous (Chinese Garden Design) $56.00
BKC021 Chinese Clay Art $49.95
BKC022 The Wonder of Chinese Brouses $24.80
BKC023 Chinese Gold Fish(pictures) $54.95
BKC024 Folk Customs of China $168.00
BKC025 Chinese Kites:  Their Arts and Crafts $128.00
BKC026 Traditional Chinese Cultures Pamphlets(set of 9) $12.00/set