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Code Description Price
BKLD08 A Little English-Chinese Dictionary $5.80
BKLD09 Concise English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary
    (All Explaination with Pin Yin)
BKLD10 English-Chinese PinYin Dictionary $27.95
BKLD11 A New English-Chinese Dictionary $42.90
BKLD12 Longman Contempory English-Chinese Dictionary $48.95
BKLD13 Longman Dictionary of Americn English $53.95
BKLD14 Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary $58.95
BKLD15 Far East Practical English-Chinese Dictionary
(with Traditional Chinese Charactor)


Chinese English

Code Description Price
BKLD16 A Little Chinese-English Dictionary $5.80
BKLD17 Concise English-Chinese,Chinese English Dictionary $21.95
BKLD18 A New Pocket Chinese-English Dictionary $27.80
BKLD19 A New Concise Chinese-English Dictionary $19.80
BKLD20 A Modern Chinese English Dictionary $42.50


Specific Dictionary

Code Description Price
BKLD03 An English-Chinese Medical Dictionary $45.95
BKLD04 An English-Chinese Dictionary of Technology $39.00
BKLD05 A Dictionary of Business English $27.80
BKLD06 A New Complete English-Chinses Glossary of Economics and Trades $45.00
BKLD07 A Practical Chinses English Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Classified Terms $85.00


Chinese Only

Code Description Price
BKLD01 Xin Hua Pocket Dictionary $8.95
BKLD02 Xin Hua Dictionary $34.95