Feng-Shui Protective Spirits


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Green Dragon
The God of East, Wood element, Green colour.
It means growth and development, it also has a leisurely and raising character.
It can increase more Wood Chi energy, it also cant get rid of the pressure and worries.   It can help to improve your house energy and consequently improve a better fortune for you.
Red Phoenix
The God of South, Fire element, Red colour. 
It represents heat energy, leaping and vaporising into the atmosphere. 
It can produce more active and warm energy for house.
It inspires enthusiasm and enhance career prospect.
It also can benefit your career by increasing the Fire Chi energy.
Yellow Serpent
The God of Universe Centre, Earth energy, Yellow colour.

It is the soul of growth and has the power to support and nurture living things.  It stands for firmness and has a quiet quality.  It can produce solid earth energy to increase the steadiness of the foundation.  It helps to maintain the body and mind balance for a healthy long life.
White Tiger
The God of West, Metal element, Metallic White colour.

It represents strength and keenness of energy in the physical world.  It has magnetic and cleaning function.
It can protect the house by riding the evil influences.  It can make a person strong and brave; and can also make a person extrovert and happy.
Black Tortoise
The God of North, Water element, Black colour.
It represent the soft, quiet and aquatic constituents of energy, and has a continuous flowing character.
It can produce a gentle and moist-like atmosphere.  The Water element can influence and improve the personal qualities, for example, mellow those with hot temper, and bring out the gentle qualities of person.

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