Paper Cutting

Chinese paper cutting began during the South and North dynasties 420 --589 A.D.   Passed down through the centuries, it still has not lost its appeal.  At festivals, happy occasions, or in our daily lives, people often use these art forms to express their feelings, thoughts, ideas and hopes.

PPC001         Learning paper cutting
step by step illustration
folding paper cutting
knife paper cutting
12 zodiac animal patterns
pp72  $9.95

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PPC002         Art of Folk Paper cuttings
Folk papercuttings, colourful, beautiful and dramatic, are a treasure of Chinese culture.  Papercutting contain diverse styles in different areas.  Whether   viewing a scene from history, drama or a folk tale, or some auspicious symbol, this book is for every one. 
31X22cm 112pp. 150 colour plates. Hardcover  $76

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Good Luck Paper Cutting

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PPC003 Double happinese stickers

7.5 X 7.5 cm     $2.50 each 

D.I.Y. paper cutting pack

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PPC004      Double happinese $4.50

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PPC005      Wealth    $4.50

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PPC006      Health, Longlife  $4.50

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PPC007      Happy, Joy     $4.50

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PPC008       Scissors 62mm   $9.90

Paper Cutting Card for Best Wishes