Paper Tearing Art

tear1.jpg (16765 bytes)A beautiful and simple paper craft art.  Tearing shaped pieces of rice paper then arranging and glue them into picture as designed.  A very special advantage is after picture done you can easily adding more pieces on top of the painting, to create more depth and more life to the existing painting.

The best papers for tearing are the one with longer fibre.

dragon_cloud.jpg (23468 bytes)PAP006    Dragon cloud paper 



15 X 21 cm (A5)

$12.00/20 sheets

47 X 63 cm

$2.95 ea

63 X 94 cm

$5.90 ea

PTA001    Hand made colour Cotton paper pack $9.95/20 sheets 148 x 210 mm

PTA002    Plain leather paper pack $3.50/5 sheets 210 x 297 mm

D.I.Y. paper tearing pack $15.00 each
Step by step illustrated instructions, Printed sample card, Plain card, 
Coloured fibre papers and One brush. 

tear2.jpg (21445 bytes) tear3.jpg (7009 bytes) tear4.jpg (6952 bytes)
PTA003 PTA004 PTA005

tear1.jpg (16765 bytes)