Premium Chinese Tea Gift Box $ 39.00
                                  Free postage within Australia

    6 different premium Chinese Tea, ( aged Pu Er, Tie Guan Ying Oolong, 
    Dragon Well Green Tea, Green Spiral Green Tea, Dragon Pearl Flower
    Tea and Globe Amaranth Brocade Flower Tea ) Valued at  $ 6.50 each.


Chinese Tea Culture

     Chinese love Tea, specially favour of Green Tea. Tea in China already 
     has over a thousand years history. Chinese Green Tea is not only for 
     quenching thirst, but rather more for improving the health and also is a
     very favourable social activity. 

    Because of its long history and 
    popularity, To make and appreciate 
    Tea becomes a formal art, so 
    called Tea ceremony. There are 
    three key words to conclude Chinese 
    Tea ceremony " Purity, Respect, 
    Elegant ". Reaching to the state of
    the Purity, Respect and Elegant,
    You  will learn the spirit of 
    Chinese Tea Culture. 


      The procedurals of the Tea ceremony is 
      simple, Preparing Water, Making Tea, 
      and Serving Tea. To run a successful Tea 
      ceremony not only require to fluent the 
      procedurals, but also need to understand 
      the Tea itself. Maybe this is the reason 
      why China has so many different green tea, 
      and Chinese people so serious about them.


    There are three types of Green Tea in 
    China; unfermented, semi fermented,  
    and fermented Green Tea. Talking 
    about brand names, there probably 
    are hundred of them, but premium 
    Green Tea are well known as Dragon Well, 
    Green Spiral, Oolong, Iron Guan Yin etc. 
    We list some most well known and popular 
    Green Tea, which we can supply. We also 
    supply the Chinese Tea ceremony sets.

Premium Green Tea




Dragon Well

Flat broad leaves, Jade green colour, 
Light fragrance.

     $ 8.95/10g      
     $ 26.00/50g

Green Spiral

Thin spiral curly leaves, covered with silver hair, Light fragrance.

      $ 8.95/10g      
      $ 26.00/50g

Yellow Mountain Tea

Thin, Gamboge colour leaves, Light fragrance. 

       $ 8.95/10g      
       $ 26.00/50g

Oolong Tea

Green Colour, Nature strong fragrant.  

       $ 8.95/10g      
       $ 26.00/50g

Mt. Wuyi Oolong Tea

Brown Colour, Nature strong fragrant,  

       $ 13.95/10g      
       $ 46.00/50g

Iron Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Brown Colour, Nature strong fragrant,  Pure, a bit heavy taste.

       $ 8.95/10g      
       $ 26.00/50g

Canton Phoenix Oolong Tea

Brown Colour, Nature strong fragrant, Strong Taste. 

       $ 10.95/10g      
       $ 30.00/50g

Ging Seng Oolong Tea

Hand-rolled in Ging Seng, Green Colour, Nature strong fragrant, Sweet taste at the end.  

       $ 8.95/10g      
       $ 26.00/50g

Dragon Pearl Flower Tea

Green colour, With flower fragrant, Light taste.

       $ 8.95/10g      
       $ 26.00/50g

Globe Amaranth On the Brocade Tea 

Flower fragrant, Light taste.

     $ 11.95/each      

Hand-rolled Ilex Leaves Tea

Green Colour, Very bitter taste, but helps to clean the lung organ net works.

        $ 8.95/10g     
        $ 26.00/50g

Pu Er Tea

Dark brown colour,  Large fat leaves, and Heavy strong taste.

        $ 9.95/10g      
        $ 28.00/50g

All Prices Quoted In This Page Already Include Postage Within Australia. 
All Premium Green Tea subject to seasonal supply.    

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